Sexual Abuse

Sexual abuse

In the trace of war and with sexual abuse as a weapon, thousands abuses are yearly committed on women and young girls, with horrible consequences to those affected. Many of the abused becomes severely injured, physical as well as psychological. It is not unusual that they also are rejected by their men and families.


Surgery of raped women in Beni with contribution from SWEDAF has been performed with a successful result. To date SWEDAF has helped 12 women undergoing surgery and given the opportunity to return to a normal life again.


A follow-up on site have been carried out in Beni, with a visit to the hospital where the surgery is performed on the raped women. Hospital staffs on site were very grateful for the contributions received from SWEDAF. The hospital has also changed the premises and now has a better standard than at the last visit.

Women awaiting surgery

Hospital in Beni

Operation room under primitive conditions

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