The Lodge Hoyo

The Lodge Mont Hoyo

Between Beni and Bunia, north of Virunga Park in the Ituri province, there is a nature reserve called Mont Hoyo. It is a rainforest area, where there previously has been a lodge to house tourists that was visiting the park before the war.


Under the Hope in Actions project to restore the lodge and to create a long-term and sustainable source for echo-tourism and job opportunities, SWEDAF has contributed with means for enable education for those who will be staffing the lodge. The operation integrates the locals in the work as a development project for alternative occupation and income. The project will also contribute in preventing the illegal felling of the rainforest, as well as theft hunting and the producing of charcoal. Instead it promotes the preservation of the unique environment in Mont Hoyo and its surroundings.

The lodge under construction

Park Guards protecting the work

The Lodge today

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